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Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of gaining web-site traffic by buying ads on search engines such as Google(AdWords), Bing(ads) and Yahoo (Search ads).In addition to search engine advertisement, SEM also entails Pay per click(PPC), Cost per click(CPC) and Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

SEM can be categorized either as easy, medium or Hard. RK Media analysis the relevant keywords for each of the categories so that your site gets traffic sooner rather than later. Below is the distinctions in each of the categories.

Easy – It is which targets your long tail keywords. Easy category mainly targets keywords which have searches starting from 0 to 10000 searches per month. By using long tail keywords and decreasing search competition we ensure that the website gets listed in each search rather than getting lost in the crowd. (for eg. easy long tail keyword for RK media would be Internet marketing in Nariman point, Mumbai)

Medium – it is which targets long tail keywords however which targets higher competition market. Since the competition is higher the keywords targeted have searches ranging from 10000 to 1000000.We target keywords to ensure that the website keeps getting constant organic traffic even after the initial optimization. (for eg. A medium long tail keyword for RK media would be Internet marketing in Mumbai)

Hard – It is which targets website Industry. The competition here is very high as each Keyword would contain over a million results. RK media ensures an increase in the click-through rate by focusing on the long tail keywords in the easy and medium category. Once the CTC increases the website increases its popularity in high competition or hard keywords.(for eg. A hard keyword for RK media would be internet marketing)

In the current market, SEM is mainly targeted in Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Yahoo Search ads and Bing ads though they do not provide as much as organic traffic as compared to google they too are essential to drive organic traffic to the website.

Since more than a decade Google has proved to be the best source of organic traffic hence the primary focus of our SEM campaigns is to get better search listings through Google AdWords. The advantage of using Google AdWords as an SEM tool is that it gives more categorization to each industry and hence drives more traffic to the website. It also gives us more control over the amount and the keywords that will be used during the length of the campaign. It also uses the campaigns set in AdWords to display ads on other websites which have similar content or belong to similar category hence the CTC (click through rate) increases and the bounce rate decreases which are both essential to have relevant visitors onto the website.

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